EXAGON LIMITED is a technical consultancy company specialising in capacity planning, facility/process optimisation, pedestrian flow movements and operational forecasting. With over 10 years experience in tackling aviation and rail industry problems using mathematical models including simulation and modelling. 

Founded in 2014, we continue our work today – developing long-term relationships as trusted advisors to our clients and collaborating with them to deliver customised solutions with lasting value. We are based in London in United Kingdom.

At EXAGON LIMITED, we are driven by a commitment to three enduring principles to:
  • Sustain long-term relationships with our clients
  • Provide a family oriented and flexible environment for our employers
  • Push for creative  and innovative ideas through solutions to the markets we serve
Our approach combines our deep market-specific knowledge with the best state-of-art technology available at the time, to solve our clients’ challenges with innovative and forward-thinking solutions. With a family friendly culture and a freedom of mind we attract talents from a broad spectrum; this ultimately turns to staff satisfaction and continuity of client relationships with predictable and reliable outcomes. 
  • Mission
    • To be a technical driven consultancy company in strategic, operational and capacity planning.  
  • Vision
    • To enhance our core technical skills alongside the latest technological driven approach to problem solving. 
  • Team
    •  EXAGON LIMITED is a micro-company that is led by experts with over 10 years experience in aviation and rail industries.
Exagon Limited is based in South East London, 5 minutes away from City of London and easily accessible by train, underground, overground and car.