Only Creative Solutions” 

Exagon Limited is a technical/creative consultancy company based in London (United Kingdom), it has over 10 years experience in tackling aviation and rail industry problems with extensive skills in pedestrian/process assessment and modelling. 

The Exagon Limited team has gained direct experience from solving problems in the following scenarios:

  • Optimising the operation forecasting models to better plan the resource planning activities
  • Building dynamic simulation models to alleviate perturbation during the construction or the renovation of any infrastructure building
  • Assessing the impact of new demand and growth within capacity constrained areas
  • Measuring the impact of new facilities within an existing or a new area
  • Finding ways to mitigate delays on either passengers or processes within a confined area
  • Optimising processes using heuristic models, statistical models or simulation models
  • Supporting the design team in all matters relating to passenger flow analysis and modelling (Design Engineering)
  • Interrogating and finding the best use of your data (Big Data Analysis)
  • Understanding and measuring the seasonal and the daily variations that impact the performance of operations
  • Increasing capacity by combining the latest technology "innovations" with technical analysis  
  • Modelling and measuring the impact of cyberattack on your operation (recovering operation)
  • Auditing and questionning existing models (Fit for purpose)
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